My IMBD Movie List

Halloween (1978)


It should come as no surprise that Halloween is my favorite movie to watch around Halloween. The visuals of autumn leaves skittering across the streets of Haddonfield and Myers' eerie Shatner mask always gets me in the mood for Halloween.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

A story about a group of teens who come across a family of psychos who have a knack for making BBQ out of their unfortunate victims. One of the first movies to inspire the series of masked slasher films that followed. It's a very gruesome film inspired by the Ed Gein murders.

The Willies (1990)

This is another one of my Halloween favorites. For those who haven't seen it, I can only describe it as a goofy pre-teen version of Creepshow. It's a simple movie that begins with three young boys camping out in their backyard. When one begins a game of "What's grosser than gross?," the stories ensue. The film starts off with three short urban legends and two main tales that follow. The first is a story of an elementary school janitor who isn't what he seems, and the tale of Gordy Belcher, a teenage boy with an unhealthy obsession with flies.

Though the movie was made in 1990 it definitely has more of an '80s feel to it. You'll see familiar faces such as Sean Astin (The Goonies) and James Karen (Return of the Living Dead). Don't let the low ratings fool you, if you enjoy cheesy movies from the 80s/90s it's well worth the watch.

Creepshow (1982)

Creepshow is definitely one of my favorite movies. It is an anthology film that was created by horror masterminds George Romero, Stephen King and Tom Savini. The plot centers around a horror comic book called "Creepshow" wherein each of the stories are played out.

The first in the lineup is "Father's Day," a tale of a wealthy family with a very dark secret. Next is the story of Jordy Verrill, a dimwitted farmboy that discovers a meteorite and makes the most unfortunate decision of his life. The last three stories are "Something to Tide You Over," "The Crate" and "They're Creeping Up on You!"

Creepshow 2 (1987)

This movie includes 3 stories intermingled with an animated prologue, intermission, and epilogue. The tales of Chief Wood'nHead, The Raft, and The Hitchhiker are an excellent followup to the first movie. If you liked Creepshow be sure to see the sequel as well.

Friday the 13th Series (1980-93)

The slasher film enterprise starring Jason that took storm in the 1980's. The first movie tells the story of a killer who stalks the woods of Camp Crystal Lake in search of their next victim. They are especially fond of camp counselors.

Dead Alive (1992)

In my opinion, one of the best blood and guts film there is! This story of a zombie virus perpetuated by a Sumatran "Rat Monkey" is a far cry from the types of movies Peter Jackson has become known for today.

Return of the Living Dead (1985)

Another great zombie film from the 1980's. It begins when two employees working at a medical supply company cause an accidental leak. Once the mysterious gas spreads it begins to reanimate the dead everywhere. These zombies are hungry and the only thing that will satisfy them is "BRAINS!!."

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

Even if you're not a huge fan of the silents, I would still give this film a watch. Wiene's abstract movie sets and expressionist direction invokes a sense of horror that cannot be accurately described.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955-62)

Not exactly a movie, but I enjoy watching this series around the holiday. Like his movies, the episodes often include suspenseful themes of deceit and murder with enjoyably climactic endings. If you enjoy Alfred Hitchcock Presents I would also reccommend The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

The 1968 zombie film that made Romero a master of horror. The movie focuses on a zombie outbreak in Pittsburgh and follows a group of survivors holed up in an abandoned farmhouse. Tensions rise as each member fights to keep their sanity and keep the undead out. Who will make it til dawn?

Good Movies For Kids

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Donald Duck's Scary Tales

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Monster House

The Corpse Bride


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Hocus Pocus

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A Nightmare Before Christmas